Al Briggs

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     What is your passion?
That’s always been an easy question for me to answer, it’s my kids.  They’re
     grown and out of the house now but never far from my heart. I often reflect
     on the importance of structure and love for kids as they’re growing and     
     maturing and why I think the work of Big Brothers Big Sisters is so
     important. I myself was a Boys Club kid until age 12 and found fun, support
     and love there which helped me deal with my dysfunctional childhood
     family. Later, I was a Dad who struggled to “get it right” and be there for my
     kids through a heavy work travel schedule.  I watched passionate volunteer
     coaches and mentors help my kids develop through Little League, football,
     lacrosse and soccer to both become state championship diving competitors
     and, most importantly, wonderful young adults.
     What is your occupation?
     I was an IT executive manager for many years but now have the luxury to
     focus on people and giving back to the community. I am a volunteer
     “Franklin Local,” welcoming people from all over the world to our downtown
     area and a new volunteer at Journey Church.
     What are your hobbies?
     I love to be outside and staying in shape. I love my many, many friends and helping them whenever they’re in need. Hiking,
     boating, water sports, gardening and target shooting are all high on my go-to list. I am a world-class expert on smacking golf balls
     a very long way into the woods.
     Marital status/do you have kids?
     I’m single and my two twenty-somethings live on their own, woo hoo!! My dog and wing man Frankie is always close by my side.
     Where are you from?
     I was born and raised in Greenwich, CT. I previously lived in Manhattan and Atlanta before moving to Franklin.
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