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Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth mentoring organization, providing children who are at risk with an additional positive adult role model.  This is done through a one-to-one friendship that is professionally supported by social workers ensuring that children achieve success in life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters serves primarily children of single parent families and children who are in other adverse situations.  
The volunteer and child spend time together talking, playing games, and participating in outdoor sports.
Through this simple act of friendship conversations develop, goals are formed, and successes evolve.

Yes, we're a volunteer organization.  So what do we do with our fundraising dollars?

Volunteer Recruitment
        ● Lunch and Learn events
        ● Booths at information fairs and public events
        ● Focused marketing efforts
Volunteer Screening
       ● Staff Interview and Evaluation
       ● Background Checks
Ongoing Support
        ● Professional social workers to answer questions & ensure child safety                        
        ●  Monitor activities encouraging improvements

The “Magic” happens!
Children enrolled in the program show remarkable improvements:
        ● social acceptance
        ● academic performance
        ● attitudes towards risk behaviors like smoking, drinking, or cheating

Our mentors are igniting the future for our entire community.  Thank you being part of that future.