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The young people on our waiting list have tremendous potential… and as a Big Brother or Big Sister, you will be helping ensure they reach goals in life that at this point, they probably don’t even aspire to.

A Big Brother or Big Sister is a young person’s ally through the many obstacles that life throws at us during our younger years.
The decision to become a volunteer mentor is a great one, and an opportunity that will change the life of a young person for the better.

The initial volunteer requirement is to meet weekly with a young person for a full year.
Because the impact of a mentor is so strong, we want to make sure you understand that core requirement. 

Young people in need of a positive adult role model form a bond with a mentor, over time.  You will meet weekly with your Little Brother or Little Sister, and over time your relationship evolves to where you both consider your regular time together the highlight of your calendar… but it takes time.

Three Options

Our community based program is our core, and what most people think of when they imagine a Big Brother/Little Brother or Big Sister/Little Sister friendship. 

You will contact the Little and their guardian, and arrange for a time to get together on a weekday evening or during the weekend. 

Depending on your common interests… maybe you go to the park and throw a baseball, or maybe you go and volunteer at a homeless shelter.  Maybe you visit the Food Court at the mall and see who can come up with the weirdest lunch, or maybe you take advantage of some of the free tickets our agency receives and enjoy a Sounds game or other group activity.

Your schedule and your Little’s schedule determine when and where you get together, and along the way you’ll talk with your designated Match Support social worker and let us know how things are going.

If you decide to enroll in our school based program, you will be visiting your Little’s school during the work day throughout the school calendar.

At the beginning of your relationship, you and your social worker will determine what time slot your Little has free that matches with your work or lunch schedule, and you will go to school and have lunch together, work on assignments, or maybe play a board game in the school library.

There is an Activity Box at each school where we have a program with crafts and other activities to consider, or maybe you go out to the playground and shoot some basketball.  You might encounter other volunteers and mentees at the same school during your same time frame, and you might also encounter your designated social worker there checking to make sure everything is going well.

A third option we offer is e-mentoring, a fairly new program for us.

You and your Little Brother or Little Sister will meet in person, then throughout the year work through a number of structured online exercises and surveys getting to know each other and helping find career paths that might be of interest.

You and your Little will each be working through those exercises, but your responses can be returned back on your schedule, and from any location.  There will be two other in person meetings throughout the program, and you again have a dedicated social worker to contact if there are concerns that arise where you need some support.

Regardless of which program you choose, know that you are helping a young person overcome adversity and realize their potential in life - and that mentoring matters.