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You probably know that our organization has lots of volunteer mentors (Big Brothers/Sisters) who spend time weekly with their personally selected young person (Little Brother/Sister) through one of three programs we offer:

Community Based:  Volunteers and young people get together regularly after school or work or on the weekends.  They may go out to eat, enjoy a bike ride through the park, catch a movie, or attend a local sporting event.  You've probably been somewhere right beside one of our "matches" (a volunteer and child together) and not even realized it.

School Based:  Throughout the academic year, volunteers go to a young person's school and spend time with them weekly during the school day. They might eat lunch together, or enjoy a little recess, play a board game in the library, or work on homework.

E mentoring:  We recently introduced an online mentoring program where volunteers meet with their young person three times over the course of a year, and then participate in regular online exercises together sharing goals and ideas.

And if you're interested in becoming a Big, that's awesome!  Head on over to and you can begin that process now.

But if you are new to the area, or a weekly schedule of time doesn't work for you, what else can you do?  We're glad you asked.

Through this Rallybound system, you will find that we have a number of fundraising events where you and your friends can get involved.

In the summer, we conduct Bowl for Kids' Sake events where you and your friends fundraise in advance, then come enjoy a fun, free night of bowling on us!

In spring, we host Over the Edge Nashville where you can sign up to fundraise and earn your spot on the ropes rappelling a downtown Nashville skyscraper.  Yes, really.

In the fall, we host a food and wine tasting, the Franklin Wine Festival at The Factory at Franklin.  Grab your friends and order your tickets to come enjoy 300 wines and 30 restaurants, or maybe sign up to be one of our event volunteers.

Then at the end of the year, we have several Table Captains that host guests at our annual Better Beginnings Breakfast.  Speakers will include testimonials for current and former volunteers and children, as well as others impacted by our mentoring program.  For details, contact Doug Halleen at