Mickey Davis

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     What is your occupation?
     Global Business Consultant
     What is your passion?
     Traveling to learn about other areas, cultures, and people. Local community involvement.
     Kissing puppies. Petting babies. 
     Why did you decide to become a candidate? 
     BBBS is an honorable organization that directly touches lives, and makes real differences that
     last a lifetime. 
     Traveling, finding hole in the walls, and the perfect dirty martini
     Marital status/do you have kids?
     Where are you from?
     Nashville native 🦄
     Any awards received or memorable moments?
     Not sure if this counts as memorable moments, but the past few years I've taken Oct-Jan to 
     travel Dubai, Europe (Scotland, Ireland, Prague, Germany), Spain, Asia, India. Last year I actually
     backpacked for a couple months, (one bag, different climates, it was challenge - especially since       I love clothes and shopping).

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