Angel Noble

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     Co-Founder & Director of U.S. Operations at Mission of Truth

     I am passionate about working with vulnerable children in varying 
     capacities. I want every child to know their self worth and value. I
     want to equip them and guide them down a path with life goals so
     that they overcome their life circumstances and become healthy,
     successful adults. 

     I will ALWAYS be a dancer. I have been a professional dancer for over
     20 years. My former alter-ego, "DiVine," is what moved me to
     Nashville 14 years ago. DiVine is a 10ft tall grapevine using ballet and
     acrobats on stilts to blend in to her surroundings. I am no longer
     with that performing company, but I still perform on stilts. I'm always
     training or rehearsing for new gigs and, as of recent, I've embarked
     on a new performance- Waterbowl Acrobats. I also teach weekly free
     dance classes to children with special needs. It is my heart's desire to
     help these children experience the same feeling of accomplishment,
     joy and pride other children learn in a dance class setting.
     Marital Status: 
     Married to Peter for 10.5 years. I have two children: Owen 17 & Selah is 3.  (Owen from a previous marriage!) 

     Born in a small town in SW Louisiana- Westlake. Moved to Orlando at 15 where I went on to graduate from High School and then
     Rollins College. I have a Bachelors Degree in English and a Minor focus in Dance. I moved to Nashville 14 years ago with my
     dancing career.

     Awards/Memorable Moments: 
     I was asked to perform at The White House for a former President. I have been personally requested to perform for a house party
     for Jerry Bruckheimer and his wife. I've been featured on HLN as having the country's "coolest job." I've also been interviewed by
     Fox News and asked to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (I did not go on his show because my he wanted me to talk in
     I have received a really amazing award for serving others.... still looking for it to give the exact title. :)
     Mrs. Franklin 2019 - Director's Choice Award at Mrs. TN 2019 pageant - First in Fitness at Mrs. TN 2019 pageant

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