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     What is your occupation: 
     Singer-songwriter and recording artist.
     What is your passion: 
     I'm extremely passionate about environmental conservation and
     sustainability, and from that stems so many of my other interests—buying
     secondhand, antiquing, and advocacy for chronic illnesses (many of which
     are exponentially growing, possibly due to a link in environmental changes).
     I’m also fascinated by art, poetry, and song—particularly with 1970's folk
     Why did you decide to become a candidate: 
     My very thoughtful friend, Helen Demestihas, put me up for consideration,
     and as soon as I started looking into the event I became very excited about
     the mission.
     I love to read, spend time with loved ones, fish, spend time in nature, go for
     walks and hikes, practice yoga, and cook.
     Marital status: 
     Where are you from: 
     I'm from the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. It's the only state
     park in the world that people live inside. Growing up in that wilderness
     shaped every part of my personality—from my music to my philosophies
     on life. 
     Awards or memorable moments: 
     In 2014 my first record, Love and Fury, was named one of the best albums of the year by The Albany Times Union. In 2015 I sold
     out several shows, including several at Caffe Lena and the Bluebird Cafe with Gordon Kennedy (“Change the World”, Eric Clapton),
     Danny Flowers (“Tulsa Time”, Don Williams), and Karla Davis. My latest accomplishment is the release of my sophomore   
     album, Shades of Blue (September 6th). I was the only songwriter on the record, and I sang, played guitar, co-produced, and
     helped to write and arrange the instrumentation. (It even has a sitar on it!)
     I'm the owner of Ashley Sofia Music LLC. (  

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