Juzer Husaini

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     What is your occupation?
     What is your passion?
     Passionate about my work, teaching, and creating a healthy fulfilling
     lifestyle.  Also, Michigan State athletics.

     Why did you decide to become a candidate?
     I've lived in Nashville for a little over 3 years now and am now at point 
     where I'd like to get more involved
     in the community around me and giving back to this area.  Working with 
     organizations that supported members of the community has always been       a passion of mine and this was a great opportunity to jump back in, while 
     also serving as a way to get to meet new people.

     Rec sports, following college athletics, yoga, learning more about
     Integrative/Functional medicine
     Marital status/do you have kids?  
     Single, No

     Where are you from?
     Born and mostly bred in Michigan, with pitstops along the way in Minneapolis MN, Pittsburgh PA and Northwest Arkansas.

     Any awards received or memorable moments?
     Awards - Eagle Scout.  Owner/Practitioner of Nashville Osteopathic and Integrative Medicine, PLLC.  MCAT Teacher/Consultant for
     Kaplan, Inc.  Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, American Osteopathic Association, Tennessee Osteopathic Medical
     Association and Fellow at Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. 

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