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     What is your occupation?
     I am a Real Estate Broker with Parks Realty in Brentwood.
     (   I have been helping people buy
     and sell homes over the last 17 years and have created great
     relationships in the process.   During those years, I have earned 3
     professional designations and have received numerous sales
     awards.  I have served on a committee(s) at every Association of
     Realtors that I have been a member of because I believe it's
     important to be active in the community. I have also served as
     president of the Western Michigan Chapter of the Women’s council
     of Realtors.

     What is your passion?
     My passion has always been people.  One of the reasons I chose my
     career is because of my love of people...not houses.  I also lead a
     Business Networking Group in Brentwood and have helped 8 other
     groups get started in Middle Tennessee because I love being a
     connector of people.  My charity work is mostly centered around
     children.  I love children and maybe because I wasn't blessed with
     children of my own, I have a desire to help other children who are
     less fortunate.  I have done volunteer work for Tennessee Baptist
     Children's Home, St. John's home for orphaned children in Grand
     Rapids, Michigan, and I have taught religious education to
     elementary school children for 7 years both in Michigan and
     Tennessee.  My networking group, Networking Today Int’l-
     Brentwood, supports the Davis House in Franklin which is an   
     advocacy center for abused children.  I have financially supported St.
     Jude's Children Hospital and Big Brothers Big Sisters over the years.
     I have also served on the Coach's vs Cancer committee with the
     American Cancer Society. 
     Why did you decide to become a candidate?  
     I have seen first-hand what a difference you can make in someone’s life just by being in their life.  A few years ago I was presented
     with the opportunity to take care of a young student who wanted to finish college at MTSU and had no where to live when her
     mother left her.  I opened my house up to her for two years so that she could finish school.  It was during those two years that I
     realized how much good can come from giving selflessly. I wouldn’t trade those two years for anything.  When presented with the
     opportunity to help other children through fundraising for the BBBS program, I knew I had to say yes. 

     What are your hobbies?
     I love to cook Italian food and hope to bring back my family’s wine making tradition some day.  I am probably most remembered
     by my Cannoli which I make from scratch.    I enjoy boating with my friends and have recently begun learning to play the piano. I
     also enjoy walking, reading, and travelling.

     Marital status/do you have kids?  Where are you from?
     I am originally from Dearborn Heights, Michigan.  A few years after graduating from the University of Michigan, I moved to Grand
     Rapids, Michigan and lived there for about 16 years.  Although my roots are there, my heart was stolen by the beautiful state of
     Tennessee 7 years ago.  I currently live in Brentwood and I am single with no children of  my own. I have a great family,  amazing
     friends and a wonderful man in my life.  I am very blessed!!!!

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